Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Name Of Product : Porsche 911 Cause The Emergency

Porsche 911 Sports Car The Porsche 911 Is An Iconic Car That Has Been Around For Centurys And Would Be Perfect For A Advertisement Revamp

Porsche 911 Quotes

In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.

EOC:Competitive Analyses

This Advertisement is so out theyre and perfectly weird theyre will be no competition most likely BUT Theyre Will Be Once Are Campaign Is Aired

Are Main Competistion Will Most Likely Be Bmw As Usual


Week 10:EOC What Channels ARE u useing

TV ADVERT to show on television . Celebrity endoresment with joanne the scammer stealing the porsche in acommercail. haveing wearables with porsche logos and icons, haveing a loyalty card to give customers extra goodies for theyre car and new features.

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Image result for joanne the scammerWe Are Going To Start A Full Campaign For Porsche And Joanna The Scammer Joanna Represents Drama And A Iconic Lifestyle That Many Try To Achieve And Want To.Joanne wraps herself in  an iconic gray fur, speaks in an exaggerated posh accent, sucks down Newport cigarettes constantly, and runs up charges on other people’s PayPal accounts. She hacks, she steals, and she lies under oath. Joanne the Scammer is an Legendary criminal, and she wears her flaws like an elegant diamond necklace, paid for with embezzled Funds.

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